GARDEN CITY, NY, March 22, 2007 – TDK, a world leader in digital recording solutions, today announced that it has begun shipping ultimate performance recordable Blu-ray Discs with printable surfaces. The two new products are the BD-R25PWX25CB ($24.99) for inkjet systems, and BD-R25THX25CB ($24.99) for thermal systems. Both incorporate exclusive surface coatings to deliver professional quality printing results. The discs utilize TDK’s exclusive DURABIS technology to offer legendary durability.

TDK’s proprietary printable surfaces yield the highest quality output from a range of devices including Microboards, Microtech, Primera (including the Primera Accent II Disc Laminator), Rimage Everest and TEAC*. The BD-R25PWX25CB for inkjet systems features a blank, matte white surface, and the BD-R25THX25CB for thermal systems features a blank, glossy white surface. Both allow printing all the way to the disc hub, to maximize visual impact.

“With the launch of these two new Blu-ray Discs, TDK is reaffirming its role as a leader in the format’s advancement,” commented Sethu Palat, TDK Director of Marketing. “TDK’s new 25GB BD-R printable surface media products deliver the exemplary performance and durability required for professional applications. Not only do the discs incorporate TDK’s award-winning recording and hard coating technologies; they also offer optimal printing results with specially formulated print to the hub surfaces designed for inkjet and thermal systems.”

Recordable, Printable, Remarkable
As a leading developer of Blu-ray Disc technology, TDK has realized many of the format’s greatest innovations. From pioneering the spin coating manufacturing method, to developing DURABIS, the world’s first hard coating formulation, TDK has proven its leadership time and again. With the introduction of leading quality printable surface recordable Blu-ray Discs, TDK has reached another milestone.

TDK 25GB BD-R printable surface Blu-ray Discs are exclusively manufactured at TDK’s state-of-the-art technical center in Japan. The use of this facility helps ensure ultra-stringent quality control. For commercial recording applications where errors can’t be tolerated, TDK printable surface Blu-ray Discs are the wise choice.
TDK’s Blu-ray Disc media is widely recognized for its unsurpassed performance and quality. At the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show, TDK received a CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), honoring TDK 25GB BD-R Blu-ray Disc media.
As the only media company that is a founding member of the Blu-ray Disc Association and a Blu-ray Disc Association Board of Directors member, TDK continues to play a key role in the format’s advancement.

DURABIS Is Durability
Because the Blu-ray Disc employs high density recording, which requires maximum laser precision, the disc must be aggressively protected against scratches and other contaminants that could interfere with the laser, causing data errors. That’s why TDK developed DURABIS, an innovative hard coating technology that protects the surface of all TDK Blu-ray Discs against common contaminants such as scratches and fingerprints.
DURABIS drastically increases the scratch resistance of Blu-ray Disc media. Because the DURABIS coating technology rapidly discharges static electricity, the discs also resist the accumulation of dust. TDK pioneered hard coating technology, which is an integral part of the Blu-ray Disc specification. TDK’s exclusive DURABIS formulation is the ultimate protective coating for Blu-ray Discs.

About TDK
TDK Corporation (NYSE: TDK) is a leading global electronics company based in Japan. It was established in 1935 to commercialize “ferrite,” a key material in electronics and magnetics. The company today is a leader in the development of next-generation technologies such as Blu-ray Disc recording media, an optical disc ideally suited for high-definition video recording. TDK offers a full line of recordable DVD and CD media, digital camcorder tapes, professional data storage solutions including LTO Ultrium media, and much more.
*based on preliminary tests with printer P-55B

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