Learn to earn: Best tech courses for blockchain jobseekers

With cryptocurrency and blockchain enjoying unprecedented success across various industries, it’s no surprise that different courses on the subject are popping up in university programs.

So, a person willing to pursue a professional career in blockchain will be spoiled for choice right now.

However, if you don’t know your Ethereum from your bitcoins, you might feel a little lost amid all the wonderful educational opportunities on the menu. To make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular and rewarding tech courses available in this sector. Feel free to give it a read below.

The courses

Ethereum Blockchain Developer

blockchain career

This course teaches everything you need to know about the basics of the entire blockchain process, and proceeds to explain the deployment of successful smart Ethereum contracts with the Solidity programming language. Anybody who opens the window for this course will have a solid grasp of blockchain and can utilize the knowledge for future solo explorations into the industry.

Once you finish the course, writing simple smart contracts will be a piece of cake and create a foothold for bigger career prospects. The course is on offer by B21Block, a platform known for providing multiple blockchain courses to developers via Udemy.

Certified Ethereum Developer

This course from B9Lab teaches you about the key tools of Ethereum development. You learn to code secure and safe smart contracts as well as design frontend integration and design patterns with smart contracts. All sessions take place in video format along with different notes and articles.

Using Slack, you can even directly communicate with fellow students and instructors for an actual classroom feeling. Thanks to this course, you can hone development skills and increase your chances of building a good career in the thriving blockchain sector.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies


No aspiring blockchain developer should miss out on this wonderful course, especially if they’re just starting out in the industry. Available on Coursera, this course provides knowledge about blockchain basics, cryptography, and cryptocurrency.

If that’s not all, you even receive hands-on training related to blockchain coding skills. This course is ideal for professionals looking to make headway into the world of blockchain development.

Blockchain Essentials

This short-term course from IBM Developer Works is meant for fledgling blockchain developers, which teaches them about the basics of the blockchain process. Moreover, you understand how it is currently in use by Fabric, Hyperledger, and IBM.

One of the major reasons why it is the course of choice for individuals who are just starting their blockchain careers is because it costs zero dollars to enroll. Another reason is the duration of the course, which takes roughly two hours to finish — not a bad deal!

IBM Blockchain Foundation Developer

If you have some insight into the way blockchain works, then you should consider the IBM blockchain foundation developer course, also from IBM Developer Works. A higher-level course, it skips the basics and moves onto the meat of the subject. So, expect a lot of assignments over the duration of the course.

The best part is you can practice as much coding as you want and flex your skills. Being a lot more challenging than many other courses, this IBM course requires nearly six hours to finish. You may not want to do all of this in one day. And even better, this is available free of cost.


There’s nothing better than learning through entertainment and that is precisely what the developers of this neat little online game were going for. Cryptozombies is a fun way to learn Solidity programming.

It works amazingly well if you’re trying to practice your Solidity talents as well as consider the various applications other than smart contracts. By the end of the sessions, you should be in a position to create your own simple game using Solidity programming language. The icing on the cake is, of course, the cost — zero dollars. You cannot beat that!

Blockchain for Business


Do you feel like your knowledge of the building blocks of blockchain is lacking? Then this course is the perfect solution! Blockchain for Business combines the history of the blockchain process with the practical applications of Hyperledger Fabric.

Choosing this course should be a no-brainer if you’re looking to strengthen your basic blockchain and also receive advice from individuals who are professionals connected to multiple Hyperledger Fabric activities. Although the service is available free of cost, you will need to pay if you want to get the verified certificate.


One of the reasons Blockgeeks has picked up steam of late in the blockchain market is the wide range of options it offers to developers of varying experience levels. Other than that, users stand to benefit from the numerous guides offered by this course.

Just head to the platform and pick a course that matches your level of experience as well as your interests. What’s more, you can pick multiple courses at the same time since you will have to open your wallet or purse for a subscription that makes you eligible to access all the programs.

Ethereum and Solidity Blockchain Developer

Like other courses mentioned earlier, this Udemy course also goes through the basics of writing a smart contract using Solidity. Where it shines, however, is its expertise in teaching you the best way to handle the Truffle framework.

The course is updated on a regular basis, which means you receive the latest news and information the blockchain industry has to offer. Professional software developer Sebastian Arbogast and fellow blockchain enthusiast Said Eloudhririm, who has over 25 years of IT industry experience, teach this course.

The Complete Developer’s Guide to Ethereum and Solidity

This course covers almost everything, from teaching you how to make decentralized applications and smart contracts with Solidity to building blockchain apps with Ethereum. For this purpose, you will learn how to handle the newest batch of Ethereum development tools.

Overseeing this course is professional engineering architect Stephen Grinder, who has been creating multitiered JavaScript frontends for leading companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. The success of this course has made it one of the highest-rated blockchain development courses available to aspiring developers on the Udemy platform.

A lot of information

So, there you have it — the crème de la crème of all the tech course offered to blockchain enthusiasts right now.

Sure, it might take you a while to grasp all that information, but once you’ve figured out what works best for your career, you can join that course and secure your future in the ever-increasing blockchain industry.

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