Tech for Equality Coalition in Indianapolis

I was reading an article in TechCrunch recently and came across just happened to come across an article about an ex-executive, Bill Oesterle from Angie’s List (based in Indy), who started a Tech for Equality coalition based here in Indianapolis. I read the article which points out that in order to keep Indiana vital in the tech world, we need to not only be tolerant but embrace people from all backgrounds. Younger folks just aren’t interested in working for companies that aren’t at least tolerant. 

Tonight, I attended a City Council meeting in Carmel, IN where I was almost moved to tears hearing from people from all walks of life about why Carmel should pass an anti-discrimination ordinance. Unfortunately the passing of the ordinance was postponed (again) for another week.

The speakers were only given 2 minutes to express their thoughts and every speaker tonight was pro passing the ordinance. One of the best ones was Steve Ehrlich from NextGear Capital who explained it’s hard enough already to find great talent here in the “fly over” states, and RFRA didn’t make it any easier. A press release was given to the City Council members, including support from 30 tech companies and individuals and only more have been added in the last few hours.

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