TechNet Webcast: Windows Network Policy Server Fundamentals (Level 300)

image “…In this session, we talk about Network Policy Server (NPS) in Windows Server 2008, and how to implement Network Access Protection (NAP). We start with an introduction to the Network Policy Server, and show how it plays a valuable role in maintaining the integrity of an internal computer network. We also explain how to deploy and configure NAP, how NAP works, and how it employs NPS.

Learn to enable debug tracing, and how it can be used for monitoring and troubleshooting connectivity problems. Finally, see how to use load balancing and how to set up fallback servers, in addition to various techniques for deploying backup/recovery plans to maintain a high-availability network access system.

Blain Barton, IT Pro Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation

In his 12 years at Microsoft, Blain Barton has organized and delivered a wide array of educational programs. He has presented at more than 400 live events and received six top presenter awards in the last several years. Blain has also worked on worldwide original equipment manufacturer (OEM) system engineering and headed up the Microsoft Visual Basic support team. In presentations, Blain is known for getting his audiences personally involved in every demo. He plays the drums in his free time, and he taught professional-level snow skiing in Washington State before moving to Florida, where he currently resides…”

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