TechNet Wiki – Concern: Is having Outlook 2003 clients going to prevent me from deploying Exchange 2010?

Been busy with a new Exchange Wiki page for the Exchange team….

Back since November 9th, 2009 where Exchange Server 2010 released to manufacturing (RTM), there have been a growing concern around whether enterprises are prevented from upgrading or migrating their current Exchange 2003 or Exchange 2007 based messaging infrastructure to Exchange 2010, if Outlook 2003 clients is used within the organization.

The intention with this Wiki page is to list the concerns that we have seen among our customers, partners, and in the miscellaneous Exchange communities.

As some of you probably recall, we already blogged about some of the major considerations on the Exchange team blog, but this article includes a few additional concerns and goes into more detail than the blog post.

Read the Exchange Wiki here.

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