Ten Things You Should Know About Windows 7

image So I’ve been recommending Windows 7 to everyone! Quite a bit different from what I was doing with Vista, when I was recommending that people stay with XP, so that I wouldn’t have to be responsible for the problems that they encountered, regardless if it was a Vista problem 🙂

If you’re thinking about making the upgrade, there are 10 things you ought to know about Win7:

  • Make sure your apps are compatible – there’s a good chance that they will be, and even if they’re not, you can use XP Mode to get those ancient XP applications running
  • Get the right hardware – some features like Aero require the right kind of video card
  • Think about migrating your server infrastructure to Windows Server 2008 R2 to get the most out of your Windows 7 investment
  • Use BitLocker to encrypt your removable media
  • Check out AppLocker and how it allows you to lock down what apps users can use
  • Drive yourself crazy trying to learn PowerShell – ah, I mean “learn how to automate tasks with PowerShell” 🙂
  • Take a look at the Problem Steps recorder and other built in troubleshooting tools
  • Deploy using new tools like DISM and VHD imaging formats
  • Simplify migration using the new User State Migration Tool
  • Got branch offices? Check out BranchCache to speed up file access for branch office users

For more details on these issues, check out:




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