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How Old Arcade Games Teach New Active Directory Security Rules

— TechGenix Informational Webinar sponsored by Tenable

Cybersecurity is a never-ending journey. The good old games are the same, always present and never out-of-date. Everyone knows Active Directory (AD). It is a seasoned IAM, not to mention one that nearly every organization in the world uses. There are built-in configurations and processes that “just work” without the need for any manual configurations that many administrators are not aware exist. Unfortunately, attackers are— and they leverage them to move laterally and gain privileges.


In this webinar, we will walk you through the most important security concepts and link them to some old arcade classics. (Who says videogames are useless?)


If you’re anything like us, we know some of you cybersecurity experts are fans of the medium, and we will be using it to jog your memory and define 10 fundamental security concepts. Yes, some retro rules are still relevant in the current war against malware, poor system configuration and black hats.


It’s time to review and remember the happy days.


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Sylvain Cortes

Sylvain Cortes is an Identity & Access Management (IAM) and cybersecurity expert. He works mainly with large organizations to execute identity and directories governance projects, including authentication processes, cross-OS privileges management, cloud identity management, and Active Directory cybersecurity. He has developed a deep expertise in AD bridge projects integrating Active Directory with various operating systems like Unix, Linux, and MacOS. Sylvain has been a Microsoft MVP in Active Directory, MIM, and Identity & Access for 16 years.




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