Teradici Arch: PCoIP for Microsoft RDS

VMware has used Teradici PC-over-IP (PCoIP) as its remoting protocol for View.  Now, Teradici is introducing Arch which allows you to use PCoIP with Microsoft RDS (Terminal Services) instead of Microsoft’s RDP.  Some of the benefits listed on Teradici’s website include:

  • Simplified mixed environments—broker and manage both VMware View and RDS session desktops through VMware View Manager Improved user experience—adaptive PCoIP protocol provides a rich, interactive experience over any network (LAN, WAN and wireless)
  • Security—support the use of ultra-secure PCoIP zero clients that comply with stringent government and security mandates and are immune to virus invasion
  • Non-disruptive add-on—a simple software solution that allows customers to leverage existing infrastructure, including VMware’s connection server to deliver load balancing and fault tolerance capabilities

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