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Following the success of VPN-Q 2006, Winfrasoft are working on the next version of VPN-Q! VPN-Q 2008 will maintain the same key benefits of the previous version and introduce new functionality and features that our customers have been asking for.

VPN-Q 2008 helps secure your VPN connections by checking the health state of remote endpoint machines while they are isolated in a VPN quarantine network. Threats from viruses, worms, hackers and malicious users are everywhere! By ensuring that remote PC’s connecting to your network have up-to-date anti virus software, a personal firewall enabled and patches installed, to name a few features, these threats can be significantly reduced.

VPN-Q 2008 introduces a new member to the lineup – the Express Edition! Unlike VPN-Q 2006, there will no longer be a Free or Standard Edition. Customer feedback told us that the Standard Edition feature set did not suit requirements well enough and a mix of the Free Edition and Standard Edition would be ideal – hence Express Edition. VPN-Q 2008 is expected to release Q3 2008

Read more and download the Beta 1 version of VPN 2008, the BEST solution for ISA Firewalls and VPN Quarantine at:




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