‘The CEO of a company should never be doing e-mail or anything of value on an iPhone’

Two Dutch security researchers from Certified Secure, were able to bypass the security of an iPhone 4S and hijack the address book, photos, videos and browsing history of a fully patched iPhone mobile device. Certified Secure delivers a wide variety of online challenges, video’s, tools and training but the two researchers worked on the exploit in their free time for three whole weeks! The exploit used single 0-day vulnerability in WebKit to overcome Apple’s code signing requirements. According to the researchers “It was a basic vulnerability but we had to chain a lot of things together to write the exploit,” and that “We specifically chose this one because it was present in iOS 6 which means the new iPhone coming out today will be vulnerable to this attack,”

Read more here – http://www.zdnet.com/mobile-pwn2own-iphone-4s-hacked-by-dutch-team-7000004498/

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