The Know-IT-All’s Guide to eDiscovery

While reading Bharat Suneja’s Blog, I noticed this small gem: The Know-IT-All’s Guide to eDiscovery.

These days IT folks needs to have a pretty good grasp of eDiscovery requirements–you may need to find specific files that contain certain words sent to or from a particular person and within a specified date range. Can you do that now? 

It’s full of the information you need to successfully plan for eDiscovery in your company–written especially for the IT audience. Your meetings with legal will never be the same.

Even the smartest, coolest IT experts will have to deal with eDiscovery sooner or later….

Here’s the Table of Contents:

Introduction: Which know-IT-all are you?
Chapter One: Sorry, no – eDiscovery is not online speed dating
Chapter Two: It’s all geek to me (Reviewing the new FRCP amendments)
Chapter Three: “I have to stop all ESI deletions when?” (When or what is considered notice of possible litigation?)
Chapter Four: Searching for ESI is like looking through the office fridge: There’s more in there than you’d expect
Chapter Five: A CEO, a marketing manager, and an email admin walk into a bar… (eDiscovery involves many departments, not just IT)
Chapter Six: A litigation hold is like being hungover at work – you just can’t focus on anything else
Chapter Seven: Spoliation is not what happens to last week’s Chinese food
Chapter Eight: Safe Harbor is the truest form of CYA: Understanding FRCP Rule 37(e)
Chapter Nine: Proactive planning for eDiscovery ensures you won’t miss the Stargate SG1 weekend marathon
Chapter Ten: Form ID-10T Summary

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