The MSFP (Messaging Security Feature Pack) aka AKU2 (Adaption Kit Update 2) starts appearing

Yes I agree we have waited far too long for the mobile device providers to ship an updated ROM that includes the MSFP (Messaging Security Feature Pack) also known as the AKU2 (Adaption Kit Update 2). For those of you who should not know this the MSFP, among other things, allows us to make use of the new DirectPush technology included in Exchange 2003 Service Pack 2 (I’m currently finishing an article covering DirectPush in-depth, it should get publish here on in a near future).

A little over a week ago i-mate released an updated ROM for the K-JAM device, and will release an update for the JasJar in a few days (should already have been released in the beginning of this week). Today Orange UK released an updated ROM build for the SPV C600 device, which you can download here.

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