The Outlook 2010 RTM online archive/retention policy issue fixed!

So as I informed you last week in this post, you could hit an issue where when you had upgraded from the beta version of Outlook 2010 to the RTM version, the online archive mailbox wasn’t visible any longer.

But after some testing in my lab and some emailing back and forth with a couple of Outlook PMs (as well as folks in the communities), there seemed to be a bigger issue with the Outlook 2010 RTM version. The online archive mailbox and retention policies wasn’t available in the Outlook 2010 Pro plus retail version currently on TechNet/MSDN.

Since this was unintentional, the Outlook team began looking at how they could mitigate the issue. And I’m glad to say that they will begin to roll out some updates and messaging through Monday that fixes this.

Quick solution: Go retrieve another Office product key via MSDN/TechNet.

Then delete the existing one using:

Kudos to the Outlook team for reacting this quickly….

And now let’s go gout and tell everyone how much this Outlook version rocks!

I pulled this blog post yesterday since I wanted to wait until the new keys was available. I found out they were now in fact available by reading the update in Jeff blog post on the topic. Nice to see the Outlook team work on weekends 🙂


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