The Shape of Email

Mimecast recently published a very interesting report named “The Shape of Email”.

The study has some interesting conclusions, like “Only one in three emails received is ‘essential’ for work”.

This research shows that a surprisingly small proportion of emails within our inboxes hold real, immediate value, casting a light on how much ‘baggage’ the average professional inbox holds. The research also looks at the changing nature of the inbox, remote access to emails and the use of social media, unearthing the concerns and obstacles faced by organizations in managing email today.
The research surveys 500 IT decision-makers in the UK, US and South Africa. IT decision-makers have an overview of the content of company inboxes that a typical employee does not have. This empowers them with a broad understanding of what the shape of email is and enables them to evaluate email best practice. Check out the Infographic and key findings from the data in the Shape of Email Report, which include some interesting disparities.

As interesting as this study (or even more) is the opinion of Tony Redmond about it.

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