The threat called Duqu

What is the actual target of the new variant of Stuxnet? Reports from McAfee say that Certificate Authorities (CA) are being targeted while other sources mention software firms that produce industrial control systems for power stations or industrial facilities. Considering that this new threat named Duqu is believed to originate from the same creators of Stuxnet, I may easily conclude that the world has learned nothing from the previous incidents or is quite comfortable with the events! Technical reports about Duqu confirm that this malware payload is about intelligence-gathering and is able to disguise itself with normal traffic when sending info to its command and control (C&C) servers. There are many similarities between Stuxnet and Duqu but the payload is quite different which suggests that the reported incidents are just the preparation phase of a larger future attack.

To get more detailed tech info about Duqu go here:…tuxnet

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