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Microsoft has been doing some great things with their Test Lab Guide initiative and I’ve been going through a bunch of the Test Lab Guides that they have over at:

Something I really like is that you can take advantage of the Test Lab Guide Base Configuration and create you own Test Lab Guide modules. This is neat because I can use the same Base Configuration on all of the Test Lab Guides that Microsoft creates, and I can also create Test Lab Guide modules for you here on You can’t beat that.

So, I’d like to introduce you to the TMG Core Test Lab which you can find at:

After you build this Test Lab, you save it as a snapshot in your virtual server environment, and then when we test features of TMG, all you need to do is restore your TMG Core Test lab and voila! You’re ready to built out the new Test Lab environment to learn about all the features in TMG that I’ll cover in our step by step discussions.

I hope you like the Test Lab Guide modules. They just like what we’ve been doing for years – but now we have a pre-defined reference environment we can all start from.




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