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vignette1comic7 resized 600Our final countdown is almost coming to its end, which is great news when you look at all the excitement around the Microsoft Ignite Conference! At GSX Solutions we are not an exception to the rule, we can’t wait to reach our three top objectives for the conference: learn, connect and share.


As you may know, many topics will be bought up during Microsoft Ignite such as Big Data, Intelligence, Cloud, Unified Communication, Mobility, Productivity, Social…and we are involved in all these. We spread info related to the above all year around on our blog , exchanging opinions with you and all the involved decision makers, IT professionals or enterprise developers online and face to face during events we attend. Once again, we will make the best out of this opportunity and swap opinions with you and your peers and learn more from your knowledge, your methods and your experience. Our team will attend many sessions at Ignite in order to continue to improve their understanding of the market/industry and absorb as much information as possible!


The will to learn as much as possible brings us to our second and logical main objective: connect. With who? With the Microsoft Community of course but also with other tech leaders, IT professionals and technology partners who will help us move on with our business. Microsoft Ignite is a great opportunity to meet a great number of professionals, to have meaningful conversations, to collaborate and network and, as we’ve already said: learn! We have the chance to connect with our GSX Community before special events like Microsoft Ignite throughout Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Yammer. As a follower, I hope we do not need to convince you about how involved we are with our business and with topics like the Cloud, reporting, monitoring and alerting of your messaging and collaborative environment. You have doubts? Connect with us on social media and find out what customers are saying about us.


Our two main objectives above cannot be successful if we are not committed to this last one: sharing. We have been sharing GSX comics for your own eyes over the past 2 months. You must be familiar with Steve, our IT hero, with the GSX Robot User, who helps him reach his performance objectives through the weeks until Microsoft Ignite. You may have seen his progress and if not, don’t hesitate to see the entire comics right here! The GSX Robot User is 100% committed to sharing his knowledge, tips, tricks and techniques to improve your performance.

At GSX Solutions, we are always working to improve our latest versions for Microsoft Exchange, Skype for Business, SharePoint, Office 365 and BlackBerry. We also guide you in your migration projects to the Cloud with GSX Monitor & Analyzer: you can check how to maintain the Quality of Service (QoS) during your Exchange migration or how to monitor your QoS when moving apps to the Cloud.

We also wish to be involved in your personal performance and not only in the one of your collaborative environment. That’s why we offer you a chance to win a Microsoft Band that will help you increase your performance like no other and reach your wellness objectives by tracking your heart rate, steps, calorie burn and sleep quality! So don’t hesitate to participate in our contest and count down the last days until Microsoft Ignite Conference!

How about helping us reach our objectives for Microsoft Ignite at Chicago? Come at booth #620 to connect with us, we will certainly learn so much from each other by sharing all our experiences and passion.

As Steve is very active on social media, spread the word within your community and share your schedule for the Conference to enhance your chances of winning:

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On Twitter: @GSX_Solutions, #RobotUser, #MSIgnite

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