The VDI Smackdown – A VDI guide for every practitioner

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges in the VDI world is getting real, unbiased guidance on what direction to go with regard to the many directions that such projects can take. There is certainly a plethora of vendor-biased information out there as well as one-off guides that compare subsets of the server-hosted desktop virtualization market. However, when it comes to choosing a virtual desktop solution, organizations need to scan the entirety of the market before selecting a path. Every VDI vendor – and there are quite a few – brings its own set of strengths and weaknesses. However, setting up and internal lab and running through all of the market options is not something that many organizations are prepared to do.

So, someone else has done the work for you. PQR, an independent integrator, has created a document entitled VDI Smackdown that runs you through many of the VDI options out there. It’s a comprehensive document that can provide a great deal of assistance in choosing VDI platforms.

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