The Xtreme Minute: A podcast journey to hell(desk) and back

Welcome to the first of our podcast summaries for TechGenix Xtreme! Our intent is to give you a quick insight into the articles we feature on our podcast each week and to provide a high-level introduction to the information you can expect from both the articles themselves and the podcast discussion.

Here is a quick snapshot of what you can expect in today’s TechGenix Xtreme Podcast:

We start the podcast with a discussion on an article by Rahul Sharma titled Data analytics and business intelligence: Understanding the differences. On a recent TechGenix Xtreme Podcast, TechGenix managing editor Peter King and I were trying to ascertain the difference between these two terms and it turns out that we are not the only ones. As businesses transform themselves to become more insight-driven, Rahul points out that these two tools deliver different outcomes and businesses must first understand their requirement. This is a very timely article in which Rahul offers up a very articulate and detailed description of the differences.

Second up in today’s podcast, we discuss Brien Posey’s article Are web passwords about to go extinct? Similar to everyone out there, Peter and I vent a little about how passwords are frustrating, unsafe, and insecure. Brien educates us on the latest research and development that is happening around a new authentication specification that will revolutionize the pain of passwords. He points out that passwords have been used for half a century, but there are big changes in the pipeline. This is a great future-state article that is both exciting and thought-provoking.

Our third and final discussion is on Mitch Tulloch’s Go to helldesk article. Many of us started our IT careers working on a helpdesk and this will bring back all those wonderful helpdesk memories. Is it really possible to make working on a helpdesk less of a nightmare? Or is this just a rite of passage that as IT professionals we must all endure? This is a really fun tongue-in-cheek article that also provides some helpful advice on how to deal with certain personality types.

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