The Xtreme Minute: All we need is a plan — and the courage — to ask for a raise

Welcome to the Xtreme Minute for Friday, Oct. 12! This is our end of the week look at the hot tech topics that were up for discussion in the TechGenix Xtreme Podcast with Louise Chalupiak and Peter King.

Our conversation begins with Rahul Sharma’s article titled, The IT professionals’ guide to negotiating a raise. In today’s reality, the people who have final say on any salary increase may have never met us or witnessed the results of our work. It is up to us to show that we are an asset to the enterprise, and this is not a task to be taken lightly. Negotiating a raise requires diligence and attention to detail. If you are undertaking this effort, this article is a guide that you literally cannot afford to ignore.

Second up is our international man of mystery, Stephen M.W. who gives us Five reasons InfoSec training must be part of employee induction programs. While it may seem logical, we still have not fully embraced the concept of including InfoSec as part of employee orientation programs. While Peter jokingly states that we need to “get ’em while they’re young,” the reality is that many security breaches are unwittingly caused by new employees and their use of human dependent technology.

Wrapping things up is Annie Pilon with her article titled Microsoft Ignite 2018 features host of new product announcements. This article instigates a discussion on the Microsoft roadmap and where they plan to take us on that journey. As in any Microsoft discussion, we do get side-tracked a bit with a discussion on quality assurance and the problems with the recent Windows update.

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