Xtreme Minute: Hey Facebook! Stella called, she wants her groove back!

Welcome to the Xtreme Minute for Friday, Oct. 19. This is our end-of-the-week look at the hot tech topics that were up for discussion in the TechGenix Xtreme Podcast with Louise Chalupiak and Peter King.

If you are looking for an interesting and exciting career in technology but don’t find the idea of days spent behind a computer screen very compelling, you just might find this article from Benjamin Roussey titled, Have you considered a career in tech sales to be a real game changer. If you are an active listener and a great communicator, why not think about a career as a sales engineer?

Proving that social media advocates will put up with pretty much anything, second up is an article from Twain Taylor titled Social studies: Can Facebook get its groove back? From imperialism to live-streaming human rights violations, to selling personal contact information and data breaches, Facebook finds itself in hot water and yet somehow remains a successful profit-maximizing enterprise. But for how long?

We close today’s podcast with an article by Sukesh Mudrakola titled, Digital footprint: Control how much the Internet knows about you. This is yet another reminder that each of us is responsible for our own digital footprint. Not all information that we share on the Internet is active data. We also leave behind passive data and Sukesh points out that this can potentially be the more harmful of the two.

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