The Xtreme Minute: Press F1 to continue shopping…

Welcome to this week’s installment of the Xtreme Minute. This is our weekly rundown of the TechGenix Xtreme podcast with Louise Chalupiak and Peter King with links to articles on the week’s hot tech topics.

First up is a fun article from Lavanya RathnamTop 10 hottest tech gifts to buy this holiday season. The festive season is fast approaching and it’s time to buy ourselves some hot new techie gifts! But as we look through the list, many of this year’s hot tech toys look rather familiar. Is it possible that our tech toy creativity has plateaued?

Second up we revisit one of our favorite pet-peeves with Mitch Tulloch in his article, Which way you do IT: The good, the bad, or the ugly? Mitch offers up a different slant to our ongoing discussion about the degrading level of quality assurance. Is it really okay to ‘just press F1’ and continue to go about our business? Is good IT anything that works?

We wind down with two articles by Rahul Sharma. The first is Shortcuts to success: Use these Excel hotkeys to improve your productivity. Format Painter is great, but for the well-seasoned Excel aficionado, this is a fabulous list of keystroke saving shortcuts for your day-to-day use. In addition, while we all know Excel to be a highly customizable tool, in his second article, The top eight Excel formula errors and how to fix them, Rahul cautions us to beware the formula errors!

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