The Xtreme Minute: Embracing the tentacles of change

Welcome to this week’s installment of the Xtreme Minute, our weekly rundown of our popular TechGenix Xtreme podcast with Louise Chalupiak and Peter King with links to articles on the week’s hot tech topics. Our theme this week is about the influence of changes in technology.

We start with a discussion on an article that I authored titled, Segmentation of social media and blockchain: The next big thing? This article references the relationship between blockchain, social media, and the decentralized web and why strategically we need to start thinking about the influence of this evolutionary in-progress shift. Blockchain is not just about cryptocurrency and there is a very real advantage to the enterprise to start to increase our level of understanding.

The second change we discuss is the market dominance of Amazon. Featured in an article by Twain Taylor titled, Getting too big? Amazon has its rivals fuming and its enemies furious, we discuss how being first to the market has solidified Amazon’s market dominance. While we see Amazon as being very inspirational, the question is now being asked if Amazon employees and government entities have paid the price of the market leaders’ success.

To wind things down we get technical with Amy Babinchak’s article, Microsoft Office 365 turns data storage upside down. This is an article that stresses the importance of not only managing data storage but also about preparing your data prior to migrating to the cloud. This is an article that leans toward the technical side and will show you how to maneuver the hurdles, roadblocks, and speed-bumps of migrating data storage to the cloud.

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