Things Not to Do When Implementing Roaming Profiles

Roaming profiles have a bad reputation of being extremely picky about choosing when to work correctly. There are a few things you want to make sure you don’t do when setting up your roaming profile implementation:

  • Do not set extremely tight disk quotas for users utilizing roaming profiles. If it is likely they will breach their quota, this happening could cause the profile synchronization will fail which could result in a loss of important data.
  • Do not use the Encrypted File System (EFS) on files in a roaming user profile. EFS is not compatible with roaming profiles.
  • Do not give users full administrative permissions to the directory where roaming profiles are stored. You should only give your users the lowest level of permissions needed. It is also a good idea to put a dollar sign ($) after the share name when creating the share so that it is not even visible to casual network browsing users.
  • Do not store user profiles on a machine that does not use the NTFS file system. The lack of features will almost assuredly lead to trouble.
  • Do not use Offline Folder caching on roaming profile shared directories. This could lead to synchronization problems when both the offline folder and roaming profile attempt to synchronize at the same time.


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