This Thursday will announce ‘’a new era for Enterprise Mobility’’

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describe the imageThis week, at the InterContinental Hotel in San Francisco, BlackBerry will launch the new BlackBerry 12 Enterprise Server.
This launch is very important for BlackBerry and comes not long after the unveiling of their new Flagship Smartphone “Passport”, which I personally use every day.

They advocate “Serious Mobility for Serious Business”, and I have to say that I am impressed by the new functionalities of this phone and by the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

GSX Solutions and BlackBerry worked hand in hand to release simultaneously the new GSX Monitor & Analyzer for BlackBerry 12 Enterprise Server, which provides deep monitoring and troubleshooting options as well as strong reporting abilities for the BES 12 Server.

BlackBerry and GSX Solutions can now provide the best mobility infrastructure on the market to manage the mobility services delivered to end users.
As always, GSX Solutions is designed to understand the core components of the BlackBerry infrastructure and really use these services as an end user would do, in order to give proactive troubleshooting abilities to BlackBerry customer’s mobility teams.

Moreover, as GSX Solutions is expert in monitoring and reporting of messaging and collaborative environments, our joint global offer will allow IT departments to have an overall view on every critical components that are involved in the service delivered to the business line.

This offer is unique on the market. It enables BlackBerry to not only be part of the mobility’s device side but also of the IT infrastructure, on premise or in the cloud and therefore impact the end users’ satisfaction immediately.

I am very excited to attend this event and will be there to showcase the product and answer press and analyst questions, hand in hand with BlackBerry management in order to make a step forward in the next generation of end to end mobility solution.

I will definitely update you with my feedback after the event!

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