Gigabit-Ethernet (1000baseT)

For a long time, we were using High-Speed 100 MHz 100baseT, which gave more network speed than the older 10baseT. But when using large multi-media files, networks need to be even faster:

When multiple users try to communicate via the 100 Mhz network, the connection between
the hub/switch and the server becomes the bottleneck.
Using Gigabit-Ethernet 1000baseT as connection between hub/switch give more network
Please use CAT5e or CAT6 cables to ensure reliable networking.
Don’t try to save on the cable (1000 Mhz is a very high frequency) !

In case you need a patch/cross-cable to make a direct connection between 2 PCs or hubs, here is the wiring rules (which require more wires to be crossed than for 100baseTx or 100baseT4 ) :

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