Threat Management Gateway 2010 RC Now Available

image Yes! You can get the Release Candidate of the TMG firewall today!

This  version appears to be feature complete – and best of all – if you install the RC of the TMG firewall, you are fully supported for the RTM. That is to say, if you install the RC of the TMG firewall, create a thousand firewall rules, and want to upgrade to RTM, then no problem!

Very, *very* nice.

What really sets the TMG firewall apart from other firewalls is that Microsoft takes its security development lifecycle extremely seriously. If you haven’t heard of the Microsoft SDL, then you should look into it. And then after you learn about the MS SDL, ask any other firewall vendor that you’re interested in working with about their SDL.

If that “other” firewall vendor doesn’t have a public description of their SDL, then ask them why not. If they tell you that “hardware can’t be hacked” – then I think you have your answer, and you’ll run, and not walk, away from the hardware firewall vendor into the secure, but loving arms of your TMG firewall.

Sure – and people will stop deploying hork-mode sandwiches. 🙂

Check out full coverage of the TMG RC firewall release over at:



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