Three New UTM Security Devices from Calyptix

Charlotte, NCCalyptix Security, a leading provider of network security devices for small and medium businesses, today announced three new models of its flagship product, AccessEnforcer, the unified threat management firewall for small business.

“The new AccessEnforcer models make it easier for our partners to deliver faster and safer network security to their larger clients. They also position Calyptix to further improve the security we provide to our partners in the future,” said Ben Yarbrough, CEO, Calyptix Security.

Additions to the line of AccessEnforcer UTM devices include the models AE2400, AE3400, and AE4400. The AE4400 is now the largest AccessEnforcer device. It is rated for networks with a recommended maximum of 350 active connections or users. 

Prior to today’s announcement, the AccessEnforcer AE3200 was the largest UTM security device publicly available from Calyptix. Rated with a recommended maximum 250 active network connections, it served the needs of larger networks in the SMB market.

The AE4400 represents a 40% increase in capacity compared to AE3200. It is powered by a superior Intel i7-4770S (3.9 GHz) processor and has eight-times the amount of RAM.

“AccessEnforcer can now protect networks up to 40% larger than before with our newest model. This reflects the needs of the SMB market, which has networks that continue to grow in size and complexity,” said Yarbrough.

Each standard AccessEnforcer is rated with a recommended maximum number of users or active connections it is designed to support. Customers are not limited by licensing on standard models and can exceed the recommendation if they choose, although network performance may suffer.

More technical information about the new models.

New models




Recommended max. users





Intel Celeron G1850 (2.9 GHz)

Intel i3-4330 (3.5 GHz)

Intel i7-4770S (3.9 GHz)


4 GB

8 GB

16 GB


320 GB HDD

320 GB HDD

320 GB HDD


300 Mbps

500 Mbps

700 Mbps


8 x GbE

8 x GbE

8 x GbE

LCD control




Form factor




By replacing two models, today’s announcement expands the number of AccessEnforcer UTM security devices to six. They are the AE800-R, AE800, AE1200, AE2400, AE3400, and AE4400. The same GUI-based management interface is used across all models, which makes the UTM device easier to deploy and maintain.

Service plans for the new models follow the same terms for all standard AccessEnforcer UTM firewalls. All security features and US-based support are included with nothing additional to buy. Standard features include automatic security updates, automatic firmware updates, email filtering, web filtering, VPN, automatic reporting, intrusion detection and prevention, and more.

Calyptix also plans in the coming months to upgrade the AccessEnforcer operating system to a 64-bit version. This will greatly improve the processing capacity of the UTM device and enable it to use more RAM. Calyptix partners who buy one of the new AccessEnforcer models will automatically receive the 64-bit upgrade when it becomes available in early 2016.

About Calyptix Security

Calyptix Security is dedicated to helping small and medium businesses secure their networks so they can raise profits, protect investments, and control technology. The company’s UTM device for network security and management, AccessEnforcer, makes it easy to protect SMB networks so companies can forget about network security and focus on winning. Developed, built, and serviced in the U.S., AccessEnforcer is a flexible UTM security device that allows MSPs and VARs to provide security that fits their needs and business models.

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