Three ways to make social media your IT business tool

Do you run an IT business or consultancy? Social media can be a valuable element in growing that business. As a technology professional, whether you know it or not, you are always auditioning for jobs, for promotions, and for opportunities. It is practically a default that your efforts should be treated as a business. Almost everyone on this planet has at least one social media account, which means as a business, you want to use that to your advantage. Needless to say, when you’re touting your business, it’s very different than sharing funny videos and family pictures. Getting known now means people need to be able to find you easily on these social platforms.

Are you averse to social media? If so, you might just want to rethink that position as this could help you greatly in expanding your reach as a business or even get more investors your way. If you have no clue about how to increase your business’ social media presence, here’s some quick tips to help you out.

Keep it simple

Start with the basic: your profile page. Make sure you use a profile photo that is easily identifiable, such as a company logo. This way people will be able to easily connect your business to the social media page. Also, be sure you have a presence on all the top social media services, especially Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Focus on expanding your reach here first before exploring other services. Once you have established a following on these major platforms, it will be easier to attract them to other platforms as you gain new followers on other social media services.

Keep things connected

If you have a company website — as you should — make sure to use social media buttons and place them strategically on every page. This way visitors will be able to easily share content from your site to the social media platform they are using.

Keep it engaging

Other than creating an easily identifiable social media page, what you put in it is just as important. It’s easy to get lost and just post about what your company has to offer, but not many people will find that interesting. Remember the 80/20 rule: 80 percent of the posts you share on your social media page should be interesting to your audience, something that could help them. You get bonus points if it is related to your business. The other 20 percent you can post about your products and services, what you can offer to your audience. Also, people are more interested in posts that are visually engaging, so don’t forget to put images in your posts.

Don’t forget to connect to your audience, but if all else fails, you can always hire a dedicated social media manager who will take care of all these things for you while you go handle the more serious side of the business.

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