TimeServ Windows NT Resource Kit Uility set PC clock to within 10 milliseconds

TimeServ is part of the Windows NT Resource Kit. Timeserv can set the PC’s time
accurately from a variety of sources, or synchronize the time between various
networked machines. It

  • runs as a service (no one need be logged on)
  • supports simple network time protocol or udp
  • set time accurately to resolution of PC clock ( 10 milliseconds)
  • synchronize server times with other servers or NTP server
author of TimeServ, Doug Hogarth, has a web site with significantly
more information.

See Synchronize client workstation to
server time
for related article.

Microsoft has recently released an alert
with a workaround concerning TimeServ consuming excessive CPU cycles due to a
change in how the United States Naval Observatory’s time server works.

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