TMG and the Firewall Client

If you’ve read my stuff over the years, you might know that one of my favorite technologies in the ISA firewall and with the upcoming TMG firewall is the Firewall client application. The Firewall client is one of the pieces of the ISA/TMG solution that helps set it apart of other firewalls, and enables a number of capabilities that you can’t achieve with the Firewall client.image

However, the Firewall client hasn’t been very “dynamic” over the years. Sure, with ISA 2004 they introduced encryption of the Firewall client communications with the ISA firewall, but at from here, it doesn’t look like much else has happened with our old friend.

Well, that was then. With the TMG firewall we’re going to see some new life breathed into our old friend. With the TMG version of the Firewall client, you’ll see some new things such as:

  • User notifications for communications that are exposed to outbound SSL inspection
  • Autodiscovery of the TMG firewall using the Active Directory, so that you don’t need to use WPAD to help the clients find the TMG firewall

Check out David Cross’s post on the new Firewall client over on the ISA/TMG blog for more information at:



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