TMG Beta 2 Release Notes: VoIP SIP Issues

Voice Over IP – Session Initiation Protocol release notes information

The following are not supported:image

  • iConnectHere Soft phone
  • Polycom Sound Point 501 phone
  • Microsoft Response Point
  • Packet8 interoperation
  • Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME) encryption Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) messages
  • A deployment where the Internal PBX and the internal phones are in separate networks, and the Internal PBX is not a media relay.
  • Publishing a PBX on the Internal network and concurrently hosting a PBX on the External network

Other limitations:

  • Only one registration socket is supported.
  • In an array of Forefront TMG servers, registration fault tolerance is not provided. If an array member fails, all of the phones that registered through that member will not receive incoming calls until the phones register again.
  • When employing redundant ISP links, registration fault tolerance is not provided. If the Internet connection fails on one of the links, phones that registered through that link will not receive incoming calls until they register again.
  • Keep Alive SIP messages that cannot be parsed are blocked.
  • The SIP Configuration wizard does not create all of the needed rules when there is a route relationship between the phones and the PBX.
  • In a publishing scenario, external clients must receive SIP messages on port 5060.
  • In a hold scenario, Forefront TMG closes idle inbound media connections after one minute.
  • When a call is initiated from the external network, outgoing media is not received by SIPGate.

Just something to be aware of before you start working with the TMG Beta 2 firewall.

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