TMG Client AD Based Autodiscovery

image I don’t know if you got the memo yet –- but I have some bad news for you.

The Firewall client is gone. Poof. No more Firewall client.

Now what? What are we going to do without the Firewall client?

Well, you actually won’t have to do without the Firewall client – in fact, the Firewall client didn’t go anywhere at all. The only thing is that the Firewall client has changed it’s name.

The new name? The Threat Management Gateway Client or TMG client.

What’s up with that? Why would they change the name from firewall to TMG? There are a number of potential reasons for this. Perhaps there’s was an anti-ISA/TMG 5th column inside the TMG team that wants it to fail as a firewall? Perhaps.

But maybe they decided that naming it the TMG client made it more specific and easier to identify – since there’s only one TMG firewall, and lots of other firewalls. So, calling it the TMG client makes it easier to identify the TMG client as the TMG firewall client – instead of a generic “firewall” client.

Whatever the reason, the TMG firewall client has some new capabilities, one of which includes a new method for discovering the TMG firewall. This is an AD based mechanism that gets around some of the issues with using DHCP and DNS for WPAD.

For more information, check out Yuri Diogenese’ article on the TMG firewall Team site at:



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