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image No one wants to the first guy on the street to try a new technology. That’s for beta testers and other adrenaline freaks! What most of like to do is find out what the other guy’s experiences have been with the new product and technology, how they’ve used it, what works for them and what doesn’t work. Then, after reviewing the experiences of others, we’ll head into our own investigations and see if it works for us.

That’s true for network firewalls too. If you’re using an ISA firewall now for outbound access control or publishing, and it’s working for you, why should you consider moving to the TMG firewall.

One way to approach this issue is to see why other ISA firewall admins moved to TMG and what benefits they’ve realized after moving to the new TMG firewall platform.

Check out what other’s have been doing with the TMG firewall by reading TMG firewall case studies over at:



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