TMG Firewall Malware Inspection – Where Bigger Isn’t Better

image I recently had an issue with my TMG firewall when downloading a file from the Internet. This wasn’t just a file, it was a BIG file. How big you might ask? How about over 2 GBs. I’ve got a plenty fast 20Mbps Internet connection and only one other user in my office, so I figure it shouldn’t take that long to get the file.

The file looked like it was coming down smoothly, but then the TMG firewall appeared to choke on it. This was a bit frustrating, but then I did a search on the web and found it it’s related to how much storage is allocated to file examination for the anti-malware component of the TMG firewall.

If you have run into the same issue, or want to avoid this problem, then check out this article on the TMG firewall Team Blog over at:



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