To consult or not

Most everyone dreams of being their own boss one day. In the security world you very much have that option available to you. Problem is though to be a full time consultant you realistically need a regular client base. If not then you are back to the old consultant adage “feast or famine”. While that may be alright for a single person if you have kids and a house you may not be willing to take the plunge. Can’t say I blame you really as it can be a very daunting step to take.

Have any of you taken the plunge and gone from a good job to the volatile world of the consultant? The money can be very good as a consultant, but then again you have a lot more expenses to pay for as well. I have had some people blink twice when I give them my per diem. Heh, after I explain to them the expenses I have to pay for my per diem does not seem so big suddenly. Any of guys got some stories to share?

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