Tom Shinder Clears the Air on ISATAP

DirectAccess is the new technology that enables you to always be able to control your managed fleet of computers, regardless of their location. When you deploy DirectAccess, IT is always able to reach DirectAccess, making it possible to put the days when mobile clients slowly fell out of compliance well behind you.

But DirectAccess also introduces IPv6 issue and considerations for your network. While you don’t need to know a lot about IPv6, DirectAccess will expose you to IPv6 concepts that you’ve never considered before.

One of those is ISATAP. There is a bit of confusion regarding ISATAP and there have been a number of opinions about it and its use running around the Internet.

If you’re getting into a DirectAccess deployment (because you’re migrating to Windows 7), then check out this article by the Edge Man Tom Shinder on ISATAP. It’ll clear the air:



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