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Welcome to my new blog here on www.windowsecurity.com! My name is Dr. Tom Shinder and you might know me from my years over at www.isaserver.org. For the last ten years of my work life, I’ve dedicated myself to consulting and writing about Microsoft networking and security topics. During the last decade, I’ve had the opportunities to write on my own, or in collaboration with others, over 30 books on planning, installing, operating and securing Microsoft networks.

In this blog, and in the articles I’ll publish on www.windowsecurity.com, I’ll focus on Microsoft security technologies and products and how you can use those products and technologies to help secure your network and reach the ever increasing regulatory compliance issues that you’ll encounter over the coming years. I think you’ll be amazed at how Microsoft has changed from a company that paid relatively little attention to security in the past to one that has one of the most comprehensive security product and technology portfolios in the computer software industry today.

Another thing about this blog is that I’ll try to orient toward the MS network admin who isn’t planning on become the security expert in his organization. This means that I’ll focus on things that you can do to defend and protect your network now. I won’t try to turn you into a hacker, and I won’t try to educate you into the hacker’s mindset. Instead, I hope to provide you with the tools, technologies and methodologies that you can use to protect yourself from the bad guys, without trying to teach you how to become one of the bad guys.

I’m looking forward to working with all of you in the years to come and hope that we’ll have some active and professional discussions on this blog. We can all learn something from each other and ideally I’ll learn more from all of you than you learn from me! Just about everything I know I’ve learned from someone else, so let’s hope that positive trend continues on this blog.

I’ve configured to blog to notify me when you post a reply and I’ll try to reply ASAP after your post.


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