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This project should be completed in March 2002. We’re really excited about this Lab Series and look forward to your input. Please write to Tom at [email protected] with your ideas and suggestions. Thanks!

This Lab Series will cost $195, volume discounts will also be available! Email us with the subject ‘Lab Series – PreOrder Discount’ and receive a 15% discount once the guide is released! PRE-ORDER TODAY!

Lab 1 Planning and Preparing the Network for ISA Server

Lab 1.1

Lab 1.2

Lab 1.3

Lab 1.4

Lab 1.5

Lab 1.6

Lab 1.7

Lab 1.8

Assessing internal network services requirements

Configuring the internal and external network interfaces

Configuring the ISA Server Routing table

Configuring the Routing Table

Using the netstat command to access open ports

Using the nslookup command to confirm ISA Server connectivity

Configuring IIS on the ISA Server computer

Disabling dangerous services on the ISA Server computer 

Lab 2 Installing ISA Server, Disaster Recovery and Remote Management

Lab 2.1

Lab 2.2

Lab 2.3

Lab 2.4

Lab 2.5

Lab 2.6

Lab 2.7

Lab 2.8

Lab 2.9

Lab 2.10

Initializing the Active Directory

Installing ISA Server in Stand-alone Server Mode

Exploring the ISA Management Console

Using the Integrated Backup and Restore Utility

ISA Server Disaster Recovery

Configuring Terminal Servers on the ISA Server
for Remote Management

Installing the ISA MMC Snap-in for Remote Management

Creating an “All Open” configuration for Testing

Add/Remove ISA Server Components

Uninstall and Reinstall ISA Server

Lab 3 Configuring Policy Elements and Access Policies

Lab 3.1

Lab 3.2

Lab 3.3

Lab 3.4

Lab 3.5

Lab 3.6

Lab 3.7

Lab 3.8

Lab 3.9

Lab 3.10

Lab 3.11

Creating Schedules

Creating Bandwidth Priorities

Creating Destination Sets

Creating Client Address Sets

Creating Protocol Definitions

Creating Content Groups

Creating Site and Content Rules

Creating Protocol Rules

Creating Bandwidth Rules

Testing ISA Server Access Policies
A. Site and Content Rules
B. Protocols Rules

Testing ISA Server Bandwidth Rules

Lab 4 Configuring Packet Filters, DMZs and Application Filters

Lab 4.1

Lab 4.2

Lab 4.3

Lab 4.4

Lab 4.5

Lab 4.6

Lab 4.7

Lab 4.8

Lab 4.9

Lab 4.10

Lab 4.11

Examining The Security Wizard and Windows 2000 Security Templates

Configuring Packet Filters

Configuring Packet Filters Properties
A. IP Routing
B. Intrusion Detection
C. PPTP Pass through
D. Fragment Filtering, Options Filtering and Logging “Allow” Packets

Configuring Intrusion Detection Alerts

Configuring Application Filters
A. HTTP Redirector Filter
B. SOCKS Filter
C. H.323 Protocol Filter
D. SMTP Filter
E. Streaming Media Filter
F. DNS and POP3 Intrusion Detection Filters

Testing the FTP Access Application Filter

Testing the HTTP Redirector Filter

Configuring a Trihomed DMZ

Configuring a Back-to-Back DMZ

Installing a Web Filter Application – LANguard for ISA Server

Configuring the SMTP Application Filter and Message Screener

Lab 5 Configuring the ISA Server Cache

Lab 5.1

Lab 5.2

Lab 5.3

Lab 5.4

Lab 5.5

Lab 5.6

Configuring and Optimizing ISA Server Caching Properties

Testing ISA Server Caching

Recovering from a Corrupted ISA Server Cache File

Creating a Scheduled Content Download Job

Changing the Cache Size and Drive

Using the Cachedir.exe tool

Lab 6 Publishing Network Services and the SMTP Filter and Message Screener

Lab 6.1

Lab 6.2

Lab 6.3

Lab 6.4

Lab 6.5

Lab 6.6

Lab 6.7

Lab 6.8

Lab 6.9

Lab 6.10

Lab 6.11

Lab 6.12

Lab 6.13

Lab 6.14

Publishing an FTP Server using Server Publishing

Configuring the Incoming Web Requests Listener
A. Configuring Certificate Authentication
B. Configuring Basic and Integrated Authentication

Publishing an internal Web Server

Publishing a Web Server on the ISA Server Computer

Configuring the H.323 Gatekeeper Basic Properties

Advanced H.323 Gatekeeper Configuration
A. Destinations
B. Phone Number Rules
C. E-mail address Rules
D. IP Network Rules

Configuring the NetMeeting client and Testing the Gatekeeper

Web Publishing an FTP Server and Port Redirection

Publishing an SMTP Server with and without the SMTP
Server Publishing Wizard

Configuring the SMTP Message Screener on a Mail Relay Server

Publishing an NNTP Server

Publishing an Outlook Web Access Server

Publishing a Terminal Server

Publishing Terminal Services using TSAC

Lab 7 VPN Server and Client Configuration

Lab 7.1

Lab 7.2

Lab 7.3

Lab 7.4

Lab 7.5

Lab 7.6

Lab 7.7


Configuring Inbound VPN Access

Configuring a Gateway-to-Gateway VPN Connection

Testing PPTP Pass through

Configuring the VPN Client Dial-up Networking Connection on
Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 clients

Configuring Network Services to support inbound VPN connections

Manually configuring a VPN Server using the RRAS console
without using the ISA Server VPN Wizards

Configuring the L2TP/IPSec VPN Server and client
A. Obtaining Certificates
B. Testing Certificates

Lab 8 ISA Server Client Configuration

Lab 8.1:

Lab 8.2:

Lab 8.3:

Lab 8.4:

Lab 8.5:

Lab 8.6:

Lab 8.7:


Configuring the Web Proxy client
A. Manual Browser Configuration
B. Autoconfiguration Script
C. Autodetection

Configure ISA Server Web Proxy client parameters

Installing and Configuring the Firewall client
A. Installing from network share point
B. Installing from Web page
C. Installing with Windows 2000 Group Polices
D. Scripting installation

Configure ISA Server Firewall client parameters

Configuring Autodiscovery and WPAD Entries
A. Configuring DHCP Scopes
B. Configure DNS Domains

Testing Autodiscovery

Planning ISA Server Client Types
A. SecureNAT client
B. Firewall client
C. Web Proxy client

Lab 9 ISA Server Management and Monitoring

Lab 9.1:

Lab 9.2:

Lab 9.3:

Lab 9.4:

Lab 9.5:

Lab 9.6:

Lab 9.7:

Lab 9.8:

Lab 9.9:


Configuring Intrusion Detection and Alerts

Configuring Logs

Configuring Report Jobs

Configuring Logging for all packets and using Netstat

Monitoring ISA Server Performance with Network
Monitor and Telnet

Managing ISA Server Services

Publishing Terminal Servcies for Remote
ISA Server Management

Monitoring Bandwidth Control Counters

Monitoring and Disconnecting Sessions in the
ISA Management Console

This Lab Series will cost $195, volume discounts will also be available! Email us with the subject ‘Lab Series – PreOrder Discount’ and receive a 15% discount once the guide is released! PRE-ORDER TODAY!


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