Top 10 hottest tech gifts to buy this holiday season

The holiday season is one of the best times of the year to buy yourself or your loved ones some cool tech gifts. A study by Consumer Reports shows that you get the deepest discounts only in November and December to coincide with the holiday season. So, whether you’re a music lover, a smartphone addict, an avid TV watcher, a smart home fanatic or someone in between, there is sure to be something attractive for you to buy.

We have come up with an interesting list of tech gifts that you can look into for this upcoming holiday season.

Apple iPhone XS Max

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Apple iPhone XS Max is one of the best tech gifts you can give an Apple lover! Its giant screen, the gold, silver and gray finish and its ability to connect with literally anything, makes it endearing to any techie who is hooked to iOS.

It comes with many cool features too such as the fastest chipset on the planet today, largest battery when compared with all other iPhone models, dual-camera, really loud speakers, wireless charging, 6.5″ OLED display, and more.

Amazon Fire TV Cube

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Amazon Fire TV Cube is a reflection of the future of home entertainment as it combines the best of two worlds – the strength of Fire TV’s streaming services and Alexa’s voice controls. This integration of Alexa makes this product a standout among similar products like Roku and Google. As a result, voice controls can be used in place of a remote, though this product ships with a remote as well. Nevertheless, the future of home entertainment is expected to be voice-controlled completely, and this is why Amazon Fire TV Cube is a step towards the future.

Cool design and stellar performance are other compelling reasons to consider Amazon Fire TV Cube for your holiday shopping list.

Surface Pro Windows 10 Tablet

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Surface Pro is probably the hottest and coolest of the tech gifts you can get this holiday season as it is the best example of a laptop-tablet hybrid.

Though the design is minimalist and is somewhat similar to Pro 4, it is nevertheless well-built and looks solid. Probably the biggest selling point of this product is its brilliant screen. The images are super sharp, viewing angles are excellent, and the new color option makes the display engaging and lively.

To top it, Surface Pro is the fastest laptop available today and it even handles complex jobs consisting of large images with relative ease. All this makes Surface Pro one of the best gifts for a techie lover.

Oculus virtual reality headset

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If you have always been interested in virtual reality, this is the time to invest in a headset.

Oculus Rift is a great step toward making virtual reality the future of entertainment. Though this product has been around for two years, this is a good time to buy it because today, many high-profile games, apps and other forms of entertainment are available for this headset. Also, these games and apps are only going to increase in the near future, thereby making this headset a highly sought-after one.

Before the prices jump up on increased demand, buy it this year and enjoy a virtual reality experience with your loved ones.

Samsung Galaxy Watch smartwatch

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Galaxy Watch from Samsung is one of the more refined smartwatches, as it combines fitness tracking, a long battery life (lasts for four days!), and a pleasing user interface. The overall design is both aesthetic and functional, as the rotating bezel makes it easy to access different apps and menus. This is probably the best way to access menus on your smartwatch as your finger may not always fit into the small screen.

In addition, a revamped health app makes this watch more fitness oriented. In fact, it can detect 39 exercises, comes with a sleep tracker, and even gently nudges you if you have been sedentary for too long.

Such exciting features make it a great gift choice for those who are into fitness, wearables, and tech.

Sony WF-SP700N true wireless earbuds

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Are you a music lover or want to give a meaningful gift to a music lover you know and care about? Well, here is the perfect earbuds that combine excellent noise canceling technology with wireless abilities. This means, they are not obtrusive at all and works great for athletes and commuters alike.

It is lightweight and gives a great fit to all those who listen to music on-the-go. You can even adjust volumes and do all the customization you want through the well-develop Sony | Headphones Connect app.

Listening to music really doesn’t get more fun than this!

iRobot Roomba 980 vacuum cleaning robot

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This robot vacuum cleaner is the perfect gift for the obsessive cleaner.

The Dirt Detect system of this product makes a note of dirtiness and goes all over your house and cleans them. Depending on the level of dirt, this robot decides how many passes it should make.

It works great in carpeted areas too, thanks to its innovative carpet agitator technology. The navigation is clean, and it cleverly avoids clutter as well. Even recognizes stairs, so it doesn’t tumble down and break.

Easy-to-use app and quick charging time are other factors that add to the appeal of this robot vacuum cleaner.

DJI Phantom 4 starter bundle drone

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Want a gift for a drone enthusiast? Well, this starter bundle comes with a DJI Phantom 4 drone, controller, foam case, 64GB memory card, and more. As with all drones, it is equipped with GPS technology, so it can take off and land automatically. With the fantastic app that comes with it, you can control, monitor, and even do camera operations.

The quality of the video and images is also excellent. Its f/2.8 lens captures clear and sharp images and 4K ultra HD video at 30fps gives a clean visual. Gimbal stabilization technology, built-in video editor, and other cool features make this drone one of the coolest tech gifts for this holiday season.

Fujifilm Instax square camera

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Do you know someone who is nostalgic about analog film photos? Then, Fujifilm Instax Square camera is sure to light up their face. The square shots of this camera are nostalgic and can bring a flood of memories for those who have used the analog cameras extensively. To top it, there are some fun filters that give you unexpected surprises as well!

So, gift this camera so your loved ones can take unlimited pictures of the holiday fun to create everlasting memories.

Nintendo Switch

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This gaming hardware from Nintendo is part handheld and part console, which means, you can have hours and hours of gaming fun with just one device. You will never have to switch between devices again to get the best gaming experience ever.

The Switch has seen huge success so far as it provides excellent handheld graphics quality and at the same time, seamlessly turns into a home console as well. Overall, a fantastic gift for every gaming enthusiast.

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