Top 10 Tweaks to make to VMware vSphere After Installation

VMware vSphere is pretty straight-forward to set up; however, there are a few things you should do to your environment after installation is complete.  Rick Vanover, details 10 of the top things you should do post-installation in a recent article.  Some of the tweaks include:

  • Set DNS – specifically, set each host to have the same DNS servers and suffixes.  This also includes getting the hostname from localhost changed to the proper local FQDN.
  • Create a DNS A Record for the host.
  • Raise the maximum number of NFS datastores.
  • Disable SSH warning when it is enabled.  VMware KB article 2007922 shows you how.
  • Set enable vMotion on vmkernel – environments with multiple vmkernel interfaces will need to granularly direct traffic.
  • More…

Some of these tweaks should be common sense, but then there is the saying that goes something like "why do they call it common sense when it isn’t all that common?"  So, go read the rest of the article at the source…

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