Top 5 cloud backup solutions for enterprises

The necessity for cloud-based backup solutions for enterprises is unquestionable. While software licenses in most cases can be retrieved from the provider’s own sites whenever needed, the same is not the case for settings, keys, logs, and other critical information. These kinds of data have to be backed up at a cloud location for use during system crashes, among other emergencies. Needless to say, this is only one type of business data that needs to be backed up.

The most critical business data that needs to be backed up pertains to customer data, billing data, and the like. Also, there may be some pieces of software that were installed from a CD/DVD, which also needs to be backed up. Cloud-based backup solutions give peace of mind to businesses that their data and software are accessible in the case of any exigencies. Here are the top 5 cloud backup solutions enterprises should consider.

Amazon S3

Key features:

  • Lowest price per month: $0.007 per gigabyte of storage
  • Storage available with free version: 5GB
  • Options for quick recovery available: Online or device
  • Availability of professional recovery: Yes
  • Availability of long-term options: Yes, with Amazon Glacier
cloud backup solutions

One of the most popular solutions on the market, Amazon S3 provides standard storage and archival options. The standard plan comes free with the larger plans charging per gigabyte used. The big advantage of Amazon’s service is that this backup service provides compatibility with other Amazon services such as IAM security, data analytics, data migration services, and alert notification services. Amazon S3 provides automatic replication of all objects to a different geolocation of one’s own choosing.

Amazon S3 supports both IPv6 and IPv4 addressing with all data transfers being encrypted. All the settings related to the service can be managed from an AWS console, which can be accessed from any browser.

Microsoft Azure

Key features:

  • Lowest price per month: Available as per quote
  • Storage available with free version: Free start with a $200 credit
  • Options for quick recovery available: Online or device
  • Availability of professional recovery: Yes
  • Availability of long-term options: Yes, with Cool
cloud backup solutions

Microsoft Azure is competitive with Amazon in terms of being a large cloud provider offering global geolocations. It is perfectly suited for large or medium-sized organizations with complex requirements. Just like Amazon, Azure charges based on actual usage rather than with a flat rate. Azure offers two storage options — hot and cool. Hot is to be used with data that is frequently accessed while cool is to be used with data that needs static, long-term storage.

Azure offers support for virtual cloud-based Linux along with Windows. With its adherence to open software standards, Azure can also be utilized as an Infrastructure as a Service option. Azure provides object storage, content storage, and table based storage, which is basically the storage of large amounts of structured data on the cloud.

Backblaze B2

Key features:

  • Lowest price per month: Based on usage
  • Storage available with free version: 10GB
  • Options for quick recovery available: Online or device
  • Availability of professional recovery: No
  • Availability of long-term options: Yes
cloud backup solutions

The most prominent feature of Backblaze B2 is that it is not a full-blown solution for a complete system or network installation, and neither can it be used as an IAAS option for the same reason. The key selling point of Backblaze is that it is simple to use and low cost.

There are two plans available with Backblaze: the Business Backup plan and the B2 cloud storage plan. While the Business Backup plan provides standard folder and file backup services, B2 cloud storage plan is the more full-blown solution that the company positions in comparison to competitors like Amazon S3 and Azure. The management console does not provide extensive configuration abilities and B2 cloud storage does not backup operating systems or applications. The product does not provide paid restoration services or much security documentation.

Code 42 CrashPlan

Key features:

  • Lowest price per month: $6 per user
  • Free version: 30 days
  • Quick recovery options: Online or device
  • Professional recovery services: Yes
  • Long-term options: No
Cloud backup solutions

Code 42 is not in the same category as Amazon and Azure as it is much smaller. However, it is popular because of its flat-rate pricing offered for data storage and due to its strong credentials in file movement. The strongest feature of Code 42 CrashPlan is in the security tools that it offers. This includes file-movement reporting, which helps you track the sharing of sensitive information. The security tools also include reporting for monitoring of endpoint activities such as those related to usage of portable media, file movement to personal storage services, file uploads, and scans for pattern matching such as credit card numbers and Social Security numbers. Restoration is available to disparate platforms, and professional recovery services are available upon request.

Open Drive for Business

Key features:

  • Lowest monthly price: $7
  • Free version: 5GB
  • Quick recovery options: Online
  • Professional recovery services: No
  • Long-term options: No
cloud backup solutions

The most noteworthy aspect of Open Drive is that it is an affordable alternative to competitors like Azure and Amazon S3, and also that it does not have any bandwidth limitations for larger accounts. The service is not meant to be used for full system or network restores, nor does it have the ability to provide geo-redundancy. The project management and file-sharing features available are noteworthy. Using these features, you can add notes and tasks to files besides sharing files with others. Essentially, the solution gives you group collaboration tools for files.

The solution is more geared toward individual file backup and it does not give you the option of sending you a recovery device for the sake of quick data restores.

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