New jobs for a new world: Top 7 AI jobs blasting off now

The rapid growth of artificial intelligence has alarmed many individuals, who believe it sets the stage for robots to take over our jobs. And they’re not wrong. According to Oxford University researchers, approximately 47 percent of all current U.S. employment will undergo automation over the next decade. But it’s not all doom and gloom. A recent Gartner report found that artificial intelligence will replace the 1.8 million eliminated jobs with 2.3 million in this emerging field by 2020.

So, this technology is contributing to new employment opportunities. What’s more, Glassdoor mentions how a growing number of AI jobs provide lucrative career prospects to those with the requisite skills. If you want to break into a career in this growing field, take a look at the top seven AI jobs below:

Director of AI

AI jobs
This position is ideal for someone with lots of AI experience who is seeking the next big challenge in their career. As the director of AI in a company, you are expected to be passionate when it comes to AI’s impact on the business and the utilization of data.

If that’s not all, the AI director will have to take charge of an entire team of professionals to oversee the various services and products in development. The job also requires the candidate to evaluate the company’s market products.

The director of artificial intelligence must harness the data science resources of the company to empower other engineering teams and create products that have tangible value. He or she is expected to evaluate different ML tools, storage techniques, and frameworks to implement singularly powerful practices to collective intelligence.

So, the position offers the chance to work in conjunction with a highly skilled team and take the onus of building atop the business’ core values when it comes to supporting quality, innovation, and growth.

The key responsibility is delivering an actual collective intelligence platform, but this role is expected to undergo changes over time. That is why businesses search for candidates who perform hands-on delivery while iterating the initial versions of their intelligence platform and the way it complements other product offerings from the business.

This person must also work well with the research team in evaluating market products to develop the company’s technical architecture.

Vice president of AI product management

The position of vice president of AI product management is offered to a candidate who understands markets, customer requirements, and horizontal business processes. They must be capable of identifying market opportunities, defining product strategy and vision, and building business cases, APIs, and data strategies.

The vice president is supposed to collaborate with new artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies and engineers.

They must also be capable of defining, leading, and executing the incubation, scaling, and building of the products together with vertical leaders, service line leaders, engineers, and clients. Also necessary is the ability to shape and identify data partnerships and technology.

Cybercity analyst

AI jobs

Smart cities are under construction in Arizona, in parts of Toronto, and other locations in the world, such as Dublin, Madrid, New York City, Stockholm, and Barcelona. Once they have been fully established, cybercity analyst positions will be in great demand.

This position requires candidates to keep a watchful eye on the underlying tech and make sure everything’s in a state of good repair.

The cybercity analysts must also maintain the consistent flow of healthy data around the cities, such as information about citizens, biodata, and asset data. This is possible only if the candidates are well-versed in transmission and technical equipment functions without being compromised.

Data scientist

AI jobs

Data scientists in businesses work with the latest technologies and tools. They possess advanced skillsets in analytics and statistics, and can easily sift through chunks of data, organizing them carefully, and extracting useful insights that allow businesses to optimize major organizational processes. In addition, this pro must make crucial decisions all the time.

Right now, data scientist roles are in great demand among financial institutions, e-commerce companies, healthcare companies, marketing agencies, data science vendors, and engineering firms.

Moreover, data analytics is a key tool deployed by various social networks, search engines, and other organizations relying on retail and mobile analytics to collect useful insights for marketing campaigns and sales strategies.

Data detective

This position is great for someone with a background in law enforcement and fundamental data skills. If you get a rise from running down leads, solving puzzles, and ruling out suspects, then you’ll find data detective to be the dream job you always wanted. And you play a hand in locking up some terrible people! Companies are interested in hiring people who are talented and creative and can solve mysteries in Big Data. If you’re a graduate who possesses knowledge of data and are seeking an entry-level gig, give this one a shot.

Data engineer for deep learning

Engineers who have experience in developing full-stack web apps from mobile and desktop frontends to backends in Python would be perfect for this position.

A data engineer for deep learning is tasked with designing and running services and APIs, continuous deployment, reducing hardware costs, building tools for large-scale availability, scaling, and improving the system’s throughput.

Basically, you will be in charge of understanding which tools serve to increase the productivity of the company, build and deploy them, and ensure their adoption with the ranks of the company’s engineers.

Bigger companies must hire more than one data engineer to cover the entire servicing architecture and provide the opportunity to impact their serving stack. Data engineers for deep learning are also expected to assist the firm’s data scientists and deep learning engineers with building systems capable of training, learning, and predicting at scale.

Man-machine teaming manager

There is bound to be some friction when humans and robots work together. Someone must serve as the mediator and the task of refereeing that situation falls on the man-machine teaming manager.

Companies want candidates who combine the strengths of AI with the strengths of humans in a joint environment to achieve common business targets. He/she must create an interactive system that allows machines and humans to mutually communicate their goals, capabilities, and inventions, and devise a task planning routine for human-machine collaboration.

AI jobs: Seeking a higher plateau

With data becoming a critical component in most industries, it’s no surprise that AI jobs are the next big thing. If you want to take advantage of these new opportunities and explore a new career dimension, then the seven AI jobs mentioned above are something you should aim at.

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