Top VMware SIOC Questions and Answers

One of the new features of vSphere 4.1 is called Storage IO Control (SIOC). SIOC is aimed at alleviating one of the most prevalent issues with hardware virtualization today – storage. Cormac Hogan recently wrote a blog post detailing some of the top myths about SIOC as well as addressing these. This post came from Cormac’s field experience with customers and will hopefully clear the air on SIOC. Some of the myths/points addressed were:

  1. Some customers don’t actually know about this feature and what it does.
  2. Some customers find that it is too difficult to configure.
  3. The feature is not granular enough.
  4. Customers who require all VMs to get equal access to the datastore don’t believe that they need SIOC.
  5. Some customers are finding it hard to identify the correct latency threshold to set on the datastore.
  6. Some customers mentioned that they are seeing ‘external workloads’ causing issues for SIOC.
  7. Certain customers couldn’t use it because they do not have correct licensing edition.
  8. Lastly, some customers are using a version of vSphere that doesn’t have SIOC.

For rebuttals to these myths, continue reading at the source…

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