Review of TrafficFilter: A Quota Enforcement Tool for ISA Server


A Russian Programmer has developed a filter for ISA Server which can restrict users Internet access based on MB/KB. TrafficFilter – is a server-based filtering solution that provides customizable control of Internet access. It enables management to block or allow workers’ access to Internet, based on user bandwidth quota policy. TrafficFilter assigns a Bandwidth Quota on a per-user basis.

For example: user ‘John’ is allowed to download 500 MB a month, and after this he is denied access to the Internet. User ‘Jane’ is assigned a quote of 10 MB per-day; if she goes over 10 MB that day, she is denied further access to the Web Proxy service.

Key features:

  • Quota policies based on bandwidth and time per user
  • Active Directory Support – native or mixed
  • Real-Time Monitoring

The Real-Time Monitoring feature allows you to monitor current quota usage. It can be accessed by a web browser from anywhere in the network. Simply load up Explorer and type in http://traffic.isa. Information about all users allow only to administrators, “user can see only own quota usage information”.

Administrators can create custom message for users about exceeded the limit

  • Easy installation

This filter can be very useful for Cyber Cafe’s, Cable.Net, Colleges, Corporations, and many others.


In order to use this filter, All Users must be authenticated via Outbound Web Requests Listener. Download Traffic Filter from the following link, Run setup.


Now stop/start the Web Proxy service. Go to Start => Programs => Tfilter => tfilter. Here you can set up download/upload limit to specific users/groups.

Please let us know about your experience regarding this web filter.


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