TrainSignal and Tintri honor 2013 vExperts

I was honored to be selected for my second year as a VMware vExpert.  I join 580 other worthy recipients in this honor, which requires a commitment to telling the virtualization story.

This year, two companies have stepped up to offer vExperts some pretty nice treats!

Tintri is offering all 2013 vExperts a Tintri polo shirt with your personalized twitter handle.  Just visit the signup page for more information.

TrainSignal, a constant and positive force in the IT community, is offering all 2013 vExperts full access to all of the company’s training courses for an entire year.  This is a $600 value!  Even better, TrainSignal recently moved to an all-you-can-eat subscription model, which allow you access to every single course offered by TrainSignal.  That’s not bad!

I’d like to thank Tintri and TrainSignal for their positive participation in the community and for their generous gifts to the newly minted vExperts.

If there are other companies making similar offers, let me know and I will add them to this post.

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