Transcription with the Exchange Management Console

Powershell Transcription is a very simple to use, and handy feature for Exchange admins.
In essence it is the process of logging to a text file all the commands that you use and their output from a Powershell session.

This obviously has a number of positive applications – for example being able to trace back what you have written, what the error message or output was – or if you are working in more secure environments to maintain an audit log of what was done.

To enable Powershell Transcription – at the Powershell command prompt type in the following command:

[PS] C:\>Start-Transcript -path c:\mytranscript.txt

The path parameter can be any writable location on your server.

This will create a logging file in the location that you specified, that contains a log of each command and its associated output – see below


Windows PowerShell Transcript Start

Start time: 20110517132350

Username  : PREPAD\administrator

Machine       : PROD-EX2010-01 (Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7600.0)


Transcript started, output file is c:\mytranscript.txt

[PS] C:\>Get-MailboxDatabase


Name                           Server          Recovery        ReplicationType                                        

—-                           ——          ——–        —————                                        

Mailbox Database 0020849825    PROD-EX2010-01  False           Remote                                                 

prod-ex2010-01-General-1       PROD-EX2010-01  False           Remote                                                 

prod-ex2010-01-General-2       PROD-EX2010-01  False           Remote                                                 

prod-ex2010-Archive-01         PROD-EX2010-01  False           Remote                                                 

Mailbox Database 0284281188    PROD-EX2010-01  False           Remote                                                 

Mailbox Database 1331321147    PROD-EX2010-01  False           Remote                                                  



[PS] C:\>Get-ClientAccessServer








[PS] C:\>Stop-Transcript


Windows PowerShell Transcript End

End time: 20110517132419



To stop Transcript logging – type in the following command at the Powershell prompt:

[PS] C:\>Stop-Transcript

Transcript stopped, output file is C:\mytranscript.txt

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