TRANSLATE error numbers to error message text

When you view the event logs, you see error numbers ( codes ) with little or no
error text explanation. To get a start on the source of the error code, you can
use NET HELPMSG at the command-line to display the
associated error text. If you have the Windows NT Resource Kit installed, you
can use the commandline utility TRANSLATE to do the same

Translates a Win32 error code into an error string.


code Message code to translate.

translate 112 -or- net helpmsg 112

Displays ‘There is not enough room on the disk’ message.

Translate 5 -or- net helpmsg 5

Displays ‘Access is denied.’ message.

The error text should be helpful. Unless a light flicks on, the next step is
to search the Microsoft kb for more information.

I have used net helpmsg and translate for years and never added their use to these tips.
It was assumed background information. But when I started seeing questions in
the Windows NT newsgroups revealing a lack of knowledge of their existence, I
added this tip. I will review my own practices and if I have other “universal”
information that I haven’t imparted, I will add them to these tips as time
permits. -Wayne

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