Troubleshooting Scenarios Where the Primary CSS is Down

If you work with the Enterprise Edition of the ISA firewall, you know that pain. The firewall is working fine and there’ appears to be no problems. But then you start getting email messages from the firewall array telling you that something’s wrong. Not only is something wrong, but it appears that the firewall array has lost contact with the primary Configuration Storage Server!


If you thought that storing configuration information for the firewall array in an ADAM or AD LDS database introduced more problems than it was worth, then you’re on the right track. But then, neither you nor I was at that meeting, so perhaps there are some major advantages to using ADAM or AD LDS that make it worth dealing with the troubleshooting issues that often relates to issues with these storage venues.

Anyhow, check out this great article on how to troubleshoot and fix some major primary CSS is down scenarios at:



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