Troubleshooting missing task sequences in Windows Deployment Wizard

You have several task sequences created in your deployment share and they are visible in the Deployment Workbench. However, when you boot a target computer using a LTI boot image and walk through the pages of the Windows Deployment Wizard, the Select A Task Sequence To Execute On This Computer wizard page has no task sequences displayed on it. What could be wrong?

Possible reasons for this happening are as follows:

  • The value of DeployRoot is incorrect or cannot be found on the network.
  • You are booting the target computer using an LTI boot image of one architecture (e.g. x86) while your task sequences are configured for deploying Windows of a different architecture (e.g. x64).
  • You have DVD or USB media with MDT deployment files on it inserted into the target computer.

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2 thoughts on “Troubleshooting missing task sequences in Windows Deployment Wizard”

  1. Matthew Johnson

    I’m using MDT to Create a USB Deployment. I created the Bootable USB … them copied the files from the share\control folder to the usb. the computer will boot up, start MDT and have a blank Sequence List. It is not mapping a Network drive. It is X64 . I have redone the step by step directions from multiple sites and still end with a blank TS.

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